Data Acquisition


PowerPro Data Acquisition

Stuska offers outstanding data acquisition systems for engine dynamometers. Our PowerPro Systems are Windows based, providing a comprehensive, easy to use system in a familiar environment.

PowerPro Data Acquisition comes complete with the Sensor Interface Device (SID) a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and color printer. The SID allows a series of high and low temperature, fuel flow and pressure sensors, as well as general purpose auxiliary and engine torque and RPM inputs to be collected and transmitted to the PowerPro Commander computer. The standard SID accepts 29 sensor inputs and can be expanded to 45 sensor inputs.

The measurements are recorded and then consolidated into data points that are at presented at RPM increments or specified time intervals. PowerPro excels at presenting high resolution data from sweep tests. The PowerPro

Commander software transforms a Windows-based PC into an accurate and easy to use engine development and qualification tool!


The Commander displays live sensor readings via an on-screen, fully customizable virtual dashboard. The display for each sensor can be made to appear as round, sweep, bar or digital gauges. Adjustable alarms can be set for high and low limits that light up the gauge to alert the operator.

The live Sweep Tracer shows you a graphic comparison of a live sweep test in process to a previously recorded sweep test.


Test results can be viewed on screen or in a printed report. The report format is presented in the order and combinations that you can customize. Choose which sensors are displayed and in what order. Use summary table such as peaks and averages. Build your own spreadsheets and graphs. Also enter engine specs, customer information, testing notes and even engine operation and maintenance instructions for your customer.

Your customized virtual dashboard, report format and test process settings can all be stored in a template for that particular type of engine. The next time you test the same engine configuration all of the customized aspects of display, report and test settings are done for you saving setup time.

With Power Pro Data acquisition, you know your engine will perform under the hood!



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