Complete Systems


All Stuska test stands feature a rugged steel frame, custom manufactured to fit a variety of engine types, with custom model available.


StuskaDyno’s most robust testing solution, capable of handling engines up to 3000HP.

TrackMaster LC Dynamometer System


The Stuska TrackMaster LC dynamometer system offers exceptional engine testing capabilities with proven water brake technology and a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data acquisition package.

The heart of the TrackMaster Gold LC system is the proven Stuska water brake dynamometer.  Available with either the 800HP XS-111 or the 1,600HP XS-211 absorbers, the Stuska TrackMaster Gold LC system is constructed to meet your testing needs.

If the heart of the TrackMaster Gold LC is the Stuska water brake, then Stuska’s PowerPro is the brains of the system.  This powerful software and data acquisition package combines a standard Windows-based PC with the technologically-advanced Sensor Interface Device (SID) to provide the ultimate is data acquisition and display.

Stuska’s revolutionary QuikStik LC throttle and Automatic Load Control is now a standard element of the TrackMaster Gold LC dynamometer system.  Designed to take the learning curve out of dynamometer testing an engine, the QuikStik LC allows for one-handed, repeatable and reliable testing.

Dynamometer testing has never been easier!

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