Engine Dynamometers

Stuska has been manufacturing durable, affordable engine dynamometers since 1963. See what our legendary dynos can do for you.

Data Acquisition

Our cutting edge data acquisition and control systems give you the edge you’ve been looking for. See how expert analysis can change your team.

Complete Systems

The Stuska TrackMaster Dyno system offers exceptional engine testing capabilities with proven water brake technology and a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data acquisition package.

Total Automation

The Stuska PowerPro system gives you the control you’ve been wanting. Set your parameters and off it goes, simple and easy to control with dependable, accurate results.

Dependable Quality

The Stuska name means over 50 years of unmatched quality. We look to take that reputation and build on it over the next half century with the quality you’ve come to expect from your dyno.


Total Control

Our dynamometers are synonymous with total control.  The Stuska product line gives you the ability to manage every aspect of your engine test cell with precision and confidence, giving you the edge you deserve.


Exceptional Service

Our team of expert service professionals will be the first to answer any questions you have about yourStuska equipment. Designed, manufactured and serviced in Sussex, WI, you will have the peace of mind that you will get answers when you need them.



Stuska Dynamometers has been designing and manufacturing water brake dynamometers for more than 50 years.  Combining the proven durability of the legendary Stuska absorber with cutting-edge technology like our Automatic Load Control System, Stuska is destined to have the competition seeing red.

From basic test stands to our popular TrackMaster systems, we are certain to have a engine dyno that fits your testing needs.  Looking for data acquisition and dynamometer accessories?  We have you covered.

With complete in-house design, software, electronics and manufacturing, we are proud to offer the most affordable turn-key systems in the industry.