Is your engine making MONSTER¬†power? Prove It with the TrackMONSTER3000, StuskaDyno’s first 3000HP engine dyno. We’ve listened to our customers who have asked repeatedly over the years for a test stand that could compete with the rising horsepower of todays engines. Where other dynos begin to fail, the TrackMONSTER is just getting started. ¬†With a new strong dyno shaft (w/splined coupler), a rigid, robust, frame design, and a water brake based on the legendary Stuska design, the TrackMONSTER3000 is your testing solution.

Features and Benefits of the TrackMONSTER3000

  • Made in the USA
  • Rigid, robust, all-new dyno frame
  • New stronger dyno shaft engineered with splined drive coupler
  • Bigger bearings, new high RPM Seals and easy access servicing
  • New load cell rated to measure the increased torque
  • PowerPro T/A Total Automation & Data Acquisition
  • QuikStik Throttle & Automatic Load Control
  • Larger pump and water circuit to handle the increased water to load a MONSTER power engine
  • Legendary Stuska water brake with new plumbing and discharge manifold
  • Service and experienced advice from StuskaDyno factor experts by phone, e-mail, or remote access