XS-211 to 1600HP


XS-211 Water Brake Dynamometer

211Recommended for high output engines requiring more absorption capabilities than the XS-111.  The XS-211 is capable of handling speeds up to 9000 RPM and 1600HP!

The dual rotor absorption brake design  has the advantage of high torque capacity without the usual high RPM limitations.

Stuska dynamometers offer equal testing capabilities in either direction of rotation.

The XS-211 water brake is built with precision machined components, durable aluminum alloy castings, and a high strength, stainless steel shaft.  A balanced rotor assembly, double row ball bearing assemblies on the input shaft, and carbon face seals allow for high-speed operation.


Input Shaft:  1.25″ diameter SAE taper input

Torque arm lengths:  6.302″ and 12.604″, for use with different applications.

211graphA Typical Package Includes:

The XS-211 dual rotor dynamometer, drive shaft flange, trunnion bearings, load control valve, tubing, fittings, tachometer, cable and drive, and a complete hydraulic torque measuring system with gauge having full scale reading to match brake capacity or engine output. Installation dimensions, operating instructions are also included.


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