Total Automation


PowerPro T/A Data Acquisition and Control

The new PowerPro T/A system is based off the traditional Stuska PowerPro, with additional enhanced features. One of the main new features of the system is the ability of Total Automation (T/A) of any testing sequence. Set your parameters and off it goes, simple and easy to control with dependable, accurate results.

This system gives the operator the ability to fully automate their tests or take a hands-on approach and control everything manually. Other features include automating break-in and warm-up cycles, live trace mapping on sweep tests and having precision control of load and throttle. Step testing for EFI engine mapping is made easy and, with up to 45 sensor inputs, nothing is left unchecked.

The new PowerPro T/A control system is packed with features and sure to give any operator the ability to test and achieve reliable, accurate results every time. Update any Stuska dynamometer with the latest in technology today!


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